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Star Cluster Music Competition

Our newest music competition that invites winners to perform live and attend an Award Ceremony in a recital hall in Toronto, Canada.


Rocky Mountain Music Competition

Our legendary music competition for all skill levels and all instruments, voice, and composition. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Rocky Mountain Music Competition has hosted 10 seasons for more than 3500 participants.


21st Century Talents Music Competition

Based in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, 21st Century Music Competition has hosted 5 seasons with world-renowned judges in music education and performance.


Royal Sound Music Competition

Royal Sound Music Competition (Montreal, Canada) is focused on quality of assessment of your unique musical talents and skills. Our international judging collegiate will be happy to evaluate your performance.


Red Maple Music Competition

One of the fastest growing music competitions, Red Maple Music Competition welcomes all ages and all instruments, voice, and composition to be evaluated by our adjudicators. The competition hosts recitals for selected winners.


High Score

Prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music technical exams on Piano.

  • All up-to-date exercises
  • All levels from preparatory A and B to level 10
  • Unlimited mock exams
  • Hear how to play every required exercise
  • Correct fingering and tempo provided
  • 35000 in-depth practices

Dementia Prevention

Bridging Cognitive Neuroscience with Music Education: Dementia prevention and brain training with piano.



Discover Piano, Reach your Goals, Train your Brain, Enjoy Life More! Bite-sized learning of piano with scales, chords, and arpeggios.